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Thanks for joining me. Let me introduce myself, I’m Paulinne Delcour-Min, author of Spiritual Gold, Holy Ice and Divine Fire, which began life as one book – but grew into three! All the books share the secrets of time, and take you on a journey into the past and the future – even to other worlds. I am a past life and soul therapist and all the research that went into the books is original. Some of the material in the third book concerns future lives, and explores where our time line is taking us – unless we change it! Healing our future, both personal and collective, is the purpose of the books. The first book, Spiritual Gold, is out now and can be bought from Ozark Mountain Publishing’s website or from Amazon.com if you are in the US. In the UK you can order it from Amazon.co.uk, cygnusreview.com or from Waterstones and other bookshops.

The purpose of my website is to be a platform for you, dear readers, to ask questions that might have arisen from reading my books, and for me to be able to share any answers on my blog page that may be of benefit to others. If you contact me through the Contact Page, you will receive a personal answer (sent as time permits), and you can rest assured your name and email address will not be shared with anyone. With your permission I would like to email you when the next books are out. Please say if you don’t want me to.

Book two, Holy Ice, focuses on the crystal skulls – ancient artifacts that bring us a warning and offer a powerful catalyst for change. Many past life stories in this book take us to mysterious places – Atlantis, the Dark Ages, North and South America, Egypt and even to other worlds, as information flows forth and we see how patterns repeat. In the USA it is out now, in the UK it will be out in the autumn of 2020.

Divine Fire, the third book, concerns our future because we are living at a pivotal point in time where the future could tip either way. What we do now matters as never before. The past holds the keys to the best possible future for us and our planet, and so we need to know what they are – and we need to use them if we are to open the door to a Golden Age. This book gives you the keys to the future.

The first book gives you your compass for life, the second book reveals the map of time, while the third book empowers you to help in changing our timeline for the better. All the books link together and the information flows from one to the other in a circular, spiralling fashion. Each is complete in itself, but they build on each other. By the end of Divine Fire you may wish to read Spiritual Gold again, and this time you will read it with new eyes and profound understanding.

If you have read Spiritual Gold – thank you. If not – please do – because our future and our lives need a little help right now!

The books make perfect gifts.

Spiritual Gold and Holy Ice are available now. And for those of us in the UK, Holy Ice can be pre-ordered on Amazon.co.uk and it sent to you postage-free in September.

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The beautiful picture of stars at the top of my pages is from an original image by NASA, ESA and Jesus Maiz Apellaniz (Instituto de Astrofisica de Andelucia, Spain. Acknowledgment: David De Martin (ESA/Hubble). I love this picture because it reminds me I am a citizen of the cosmos.

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I was only able to share my picture of Archangel Michael in black and white in the first book, so as promised, here it is in colour. (I have these as posters and will bring them to book signings.)

Archangel Michael

Archangel mICHAEL 2 (1)

My picture was inspired by an old painting in an ancient Coptic Christian church in Cairo, Egypt. The church was built over the site where the holy family lived when they fled from Herod. (Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to Egypt until it was safe to return to Nazareth.) The atmosphere in that sacred place moved me to tears. The church held saints’ relics, but there was a small painting of Archangel Michael that really struck me. He was painted killing a dragon with a spear, set against a background of heavenly blue sprinkled with golden stars.

As I left the church I knew I had to do a picture of Michael capturing the same feeling. On returning home I meditated and asked him how he would like to be depicted. The answer that came was very fire-themed. Against a blue and starry background he wanted to be seen holding a golden sword with a blade of fire, his hair like the sun’s corona. A sun was to blaze from the hilt of his sword, which would be held against the fire of his solar plexus, and even the folds of the garment around his neck were to radiate out like flames.

I gave his upper body solidness to communicate strength, but created a more transparent quality to the lower body to indicate the inter-dimensional nature of such a being. This picture is a dress portrait, like we have of our Queen Elizabeth in England, where she is shown wearing her state robes and crown. It is not what the Queen always wears, and it is the same with Michael. When I have met him in meditation he has been much more simply dressed. But he is an agent of God, his home is the sun – he is an embodiment of sun energy. Michael fights on the side of Light in the cosmic battle between good and evil, and this is him as a radiant being, ready to be called.

Angels live outside of time, and so they can be in many places at what we regard as the same moment. Because of this they can work with many people at once. Michael is a very popular angel with many fans worldwide, but he always has time for you if you have an attitude of respect and a sincere heart. We can call on him for help and protection, and if karma allows it, miracles can happen.

Meditation is a wonderful tool to enhance our inner peace, and when we make ourselves available to the higher beings by clearing a space in the busy chatter of our lives today, who knows what uplifting experiences may be made available to us.

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Veronica Fyland

Much of the past life research in my books was done with Veronica Fyland. Veronica is a very skilled hypnotherapist based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England. Anyone wishing to explore their own past lives in a one-to-one regression session with Veronica may contact her through her website: http://www.veronicafyland.co.uk  or through her Facebook page.

Veronica offers an extensive range of therapies including crystal therapy. 

Here it is – Book 1