August 2020: The first books have been sold in the US, and I have been asked where the title “Holy Ice” comes from.

Holy Ice is about the divine origin of the skulls. An ancient legend has it that when the gods looked down on Earth and saw terrible wars and fighting, and all the suffering and sad things that come from lack of love, they shed tears of  compassion. The tears fell to Earth and froze into quartz crystals. The ancient crystal skulls come from this holy ice; the skulls are here to help heal humankind.

I explain this in chapter 1. There was an earlier book by Frank Dorland that also used this beautiful title, but sadly it has been out of print for a long time. A great pity because I would dearly love to read it, you just can’t have too many books about the skulls!!! The world needs more! It wasn’t about past lives – it was a different sort of book – but I’m hoping Frank’s book will be reprinted if there are enough searches for “Holy Ice.”

June 2020: Holy Ice was first listed on, for pre-orders. It will be sent out in August. (Available in the UK in the autumn 2020.)

May 2020: A preview for book 3. I love the cover! So looking forward to it coming out.


April 2020: Holy Ice is a step nearer. I have been sent the final proof to check over. Not long now!

March 2020: Due to the Coronavirus lock down the very last Phoenix Probe conference  was cancelled. I had been looking forward to selling my books there and meeting people, but although that’s not possible I want to say a big thank you to Sam for holding the conferences over the years.


28th September 2019: Selling my books at the Phoenix Probe conference, met some lovely people! My talk on the Sunday was very well received and it was a great weekend.


September 3rd: Just got a preview of the book cover for Holy Ice. Fabulous!

July 9th: Tonight I sent the editor the last changes for Holy Ice. I am so looking forward to seeing the proof copy when the book designer puts the illustrations in.

July 3rd: Did a podcast for Paranormal Gumbo in the US today. You can see it on YouTube, it’s Episode 6, and they put it out as Part 1 and Part 2.

June 1st: Through answering a reader’s question concerning the last chapter in Spiritual Gold I have just learned that Cygnus Review (for Spring 2019) has given my book a wonderful review! I was so thrilled to find this out. What an amazing year this is turning out to be. See it on    (The reader’s question concerned the crystals placed in our bodies as we were turned into the “Guardians Through Time” for the Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx. The crystals had been programmed and were part of the energy work designed to bind our spiritual bodies to the place, they were to enhance the magic used by the priests to claim us for their purpose.)

May 2nd: I have just signed the contract for book 3, Divine Fire. Dreams really can come true….

The April/May 2019 issue of Nexus magazine has a wonderful review of Spiritual Gold.

March 23/24th 2019: Selling my books at the Phoenix Probe conference near Blackpool. I will be a speaker at the next one in September. You can see the Kindred Spirit article on the table, and Archangel Michael posters, and the special angel bookmarks I’ve had printed to give with each book.

CRYSTAL SKULLS: Some of the lovely pictures that will be illustrating Holy Ice:

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March 2019: I’ve nearly finished work on two extra chapters for book 2, concerning a life lived at the time of King Arthur. It was a heartbreaking life but brought a great deal of knowledge.

February 28th 2019: The March/April issue of Kindred Spirit magazine is out now, and it carries my article ACCESSING THE SECRETS OF TIME, all about the benefits and healing power of looking at our happy and fulfilled past lives. It includes a short meditation so you can see yourself in a happy past life.

January 22nd 2019: Today I signed the contract for Book 2. So I’m delighted to be able to tell you Holy Ice will be out in 2020.

January 11th 2019: My publishers, Ozark Mountain Publishing, arranged an interview for me with Kevin Moore on The Moore Show, which you can watch on YouTube now. What a lovely man. The interview is 55 minutes long and first aired on January 15th titled: Who are we? Why are we here? What is it all about? There were nearly 2,000 views in the first 2 days alone! It was very exciting watching the numbers climb, it was a joy replying to comments, and to those lovely people who emailed me through the contact page on this web site. I think this is going to be quite a year!

November 2018: Wrote an article for the March/April 2019 issue of Kindred Spirit magazine which is out on 28th February. The article is on the magic of our happy and fulfilled past lives, and includes a meditation to view one of your own.

Tuesday November 20th 2018: book talk in Whitley Bay library.

Reviews: there is a lovely in depth review of Spiritual Gold on Goodreads, 4 short ones on and 1 on  All give 5 stars.

I have been asked a question about page 14. There is no missing text – the gap at the bottom of the page is there purely because the illustration you can see on page 15 was too large to fit at the bottom of page 14.

25th October 2018: Deep Books, the official supplier for the UK, received their first consignment. Deep Books supplies UK bookshops. If you do not see my book on the shelves you can order it at the counter! At this point it has been exactly 11 years since I first started researching and writing the trilogy. At the time I had no idea it would take so long, or involve so much work, that there would be so many different drafts…. I can remember thinking, “Oh, about 18 months…………”

25th September 2018: Spiritual Gold was released in the UK on

August 2018: Spiritual Gold was released in America and Canada, both the book and the ebook version.

Autumn 2007: the journey began… Veronica Fyland began working with me on the regression sessions, helping me uncover the material I would write up for the books. I love being regressed – and I have learned so much from accessing my far memories with her help. We began by exploring past lives that were holding the memories needed for Holy Ice. Later we researched for Divine Fire, and then we turned our attention to Spiritual Gold. Although this is the first book, I’d left this part of my work to the last because I knew roughly what was going to go here; I had already accessed some of the lives years earlier. The Spiritual Gold material is very beautiful, but Holy Ice and Divine Fire were more exciting to work on for me personally because I had no idea what I was going to discover.

Every regression session is always a step into the unknown.

I was about ten years old, if that, when I first realized I had a book to write. There was an actual moment while I was in a classroom at school that the realization dawned, but back then I had no idea what the book would be about. Years later, after studying art and becoming an art teacher, I became interested in healing. This led on to my training as a past life therapist during the 1980s. Interesting material about past lives began to pile up, but without direction or a theme there was no clear place to start, and no order as to to what might be included. But then – just as before – there came an actual moment when the title, structure and plan for the contents just fell into my mind. I regard both events as interventions from my higher self. The title I had been given, Spiritual Gold, Holy Ice, Divine Fire, was way more beautiful than anything I would have come up with. I wrote it as just one book, but the publishers returned my manuscript and told me it was much more than one book…  and the rest is history: it is three books now!